July 15 deadline for law students to submit proposals for post-graduate fellowship projects.

MHAS is proud of its history as a home to graduating law students seeking a place to begin their legal careers through a fellowship project. Law fellows have found a home for diverse projects at MHAS. Some of the past fellowship projects that MHAS has sponsored are as follows:

A project funded by a Skadden Fellowship that led to establishment of a juvenile hall advocacy clinic for detained teens, many of whom have mental health issues;

A project funded by a Skadden Fellowship concerning the challenges faced by adults with mental illness who face a revolving door of treatment and receive little or no discharge planning;

A project funded by a Skadden Fellowship involving the response of schools to children, particularly teens, with serious behavior issues, applicable school discipline policies and expulsion proceedings;

A project funded by Equal Justice Works focusing on protecting the rights of immigration detainees with mental health issues; and

A project funded by Equal Justice Works to create a Behavioral Health-Legal Partnership project focused on improving children’s mental health outcomes.

Since our practice areas cross a broad spectrum of disability rights, we have had success working with graduating students who seek to find a host program for their disability rights fellowship projects. If you are looking for a host for a fellowship project in the area of disability rights, contact for application instructions.