Funded by a grant from the U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development Fair Housing Initiatives Program (Grant #FEOI180041-01-00).
Fair Housing laws prohibit discrimination in housing based on the following characteristics: Race, religion, national origin, color, sex, marital status,* ancestry,* familial status, disability, sexual orientation,* source of income.* (*Indicates a prohibited basis for discrimination in California, but not under federal law.)
Disclaimer: The Fair Housing Tip of the Month program is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. If you have a legal question, please contact MHAS or another attorney of your choice. 

Tip 1: Reasonable Accommodation – How Do I Ask for One?

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 2: Landlord Request for Verification of Disability

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 3: Emotional Support Animals and Requests for “Pet Deposits”

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 4: Medical Marijuana

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 5: Reasonable Accommodation for an Applicant with a Criminal History

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 6: Actions Based on Stereotypes are Discriminatory

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 7: Retaliation is Discrimination

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 8: Request for Reasonable Modification

LANDLORD: “My tenant complains that people are coming into her apartment and moving her belongings. The situation makes her extremely anxious. She asked me if she can install an alarm system in her unit because her therapist said this will give her a sense that her unit is safe. I don’t like tenants having individual systems. They can go off and make other tenants angry. Does she have a right to install an alarm system, even if she is willing to pay? I won’t be able to control the workmen, monitor the quality of work or ensure its proper functioning. Can I deny the request?”

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Funded by a grant from the U. S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development Fair housing Initiatives Program (Grant #FEOI160050-01-01).

Tip 1: Reasonable Accommodation if You Receive a Three-Day Notice to Cure or Quit

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 2: Reasonable Modifications

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 3: Reasonable Accommodation and the Interactive Process, Example: Negative Tenant History

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 4: Supportive Services

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 5: Reasonable Accommodation and Emotional Support Animals

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 6: Hostile Environment and the Landlord’s Duty

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 7: Third-Party Rent Payments

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 8: Reasonable Accommodation and Threatened Eviction

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 9: Use of Medical Marijuana in your Housing Unit

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 10: Reasonable Accommodation and Early Termination of a Lease

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 11: Hoarding

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 12: Smoking as a Reasonable Accommodation

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Fair Housing Tip of the Month Campaign, 2014-15

Tips for housing providers. Funded by a grant from the U. S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development Fair housing Initiatives Program (Grant #FH400G13044).

Tip 1: Reasonable Accommodations Require an Interactive Process |English| |Spanish|

Tip 2: Fair Housing Reasonable Accommodations and Confidentiality |English| |Spanish|

Tip 3: Hoarding |English| |Spanish|

Tip 4: Competing Requests for Reasonable Accommodation |English| |Spanish|

Tip 5: Rights of Hospitalized Patients to Maintain Housing |English| |Spanish|

Tip 6: Request for Reasonable Modifications |English| |Spanish|

Tip 7: Hostile Environment |English| |Spanish|

Tip 8: Emotional Support Animals |English| |Spanish|

Tip 9: Threatened Eviction Due to Tenant’s In-Home Caregiver |English| |Spanish|

Tip 10: Fair Housing and the Right to Quiet Enjoyment |English| |Spanish|

Tip 11: Fair Housing Act Covers Guests with Disabilities |English| |Spanish|

Tip 12: Requests for Reasonable Accommodation upon Three-Day Notice to Cure |English| |Spanish|

Tip 13: Request for Reasonable Accommodations when Eviction is Threatened |English| |Spanish|

Tip 14: Reasonable Accommodation when a Tenant Seeks Early Lease Termination |English| |Spanish|

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For more information on these topics, please contact our office.



Fair Housing for People with Disabilities (2007)
A fair housing guidance manual for emergency shelter and transitional housing providers.

Fair Housing in Your Neighborhood (2004)
A guide to understanding how fair housing laws protect people with disabilities in California (available in six languages).

English | Chinese | Korean | Russian | Spanish | Vietnamese

Reasonable Accommodation Guide for Housing Developers and Providers (2005)
A guide to assist developers and providers of housing for people with disabilities in California.