Funded by a grant from the U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development Fair Housing Initiatives Program (Grant #FEOI180041-01-00).
Fair Housing laws prohibit discrimination in housing based on the following characteristics: Race, religion, national origin, color, sex, marital status,* ancestry,* familial status, disability, sexual orientation,* source of income.* (*Indicates a prohibited basis for discrimination in California, but not under federal law.)
Disclaimer: The Fair Housing Tip of the Month program is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. If you have a legal question, please contact MHAS or another attorney of your choice. 

Tip 1: Reasonable Accommodation – How Do I Ask for One?

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 2: Landlord Request for Verification of Disability

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 3: Emotional Support Animals and Requests for “Pet Deposits”

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 4: Medical Marijuana

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 5: Reasonable Accommodation for an Applicant with a Criminal History

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 6: Actions Based on Stereotypes are Discriminatory

CASE MANAGER: “I am a case manager at a mental health clinic who helps clients find housing. A client told me he feels he has no privacy in his apartment because of the landlord’s random inspections. After talking with other clients we placed in that same apartment building, I talked to the landlord and learned she randomly inspects the units of tenants we place with her. The landlord said she had a bad experience before with one of our clients, so she started doing random inspections for our clients to see if they’re taking care of the unit. Can a landlord do this?”

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Funded by a grant from the U. S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development Fair housing Initiatives Program (Grant #FEOI160050-01-01).

Tip 1: Reasonable Accommodation if You Receive a Three-Day Notice to Cure or Quit

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 2: Reasonable Modifications

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 3: Reasonable Accommodation and the Interactive Process, Example: Negative Tenant History

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 4: Supportive Services

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 5: Reasonable Accommodation and Emotional Support Animals

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 6: Hostile Environment and the Landlord’s Duty

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 7: Third-Party Rent Payments

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 8: Reasonable Accommodation and Threatened Eviction

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 9: Use of Medical Marijuana in your Housing Unit

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 10: Reasonable Accommodation and Early Termination of a Lease

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 11: Hoarding

|English| |Spanish| |Korean|

Tip 12: Smoking as a Reasonable Accommodation

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Fair Housing Tip of the Month Campaign, 2014-15

Tips for housing providers. Funded by a grant from the U. S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development Fair housing Initiatives Program (Grant #FH400G13044).

Tip 1: Reasonable Accommodations Require an Interactive Process |English| |Spanish|

Tip 2: Fair Housing Reasonable Accommodations and Confidentiality |English| |Spanish|

Tip 3: Hoarding |English| |Spanish|

Tip 4: Competing Requests for Reasonable Accommodation |English| |Spanish|

Tip 5: Rights of Hospitalized Patients to Maintain Housing |English| |Spanish|

Tip 6: Request for Reasonable Modifications |English| |Spanish|

Tip 7: Hostile Environment |English| |Spanish|

Tip 8: Emotional Support Animals |English| |Spanish|

Tip 9: Threatened Eviction Due to Tenant’s In-Home Caregiver |English| |Spanish|

Tip 10: Fair Housing and the Right to Quiet Enjoyment |English| |Spanish|

Tip 11: Fair Housing Act Covers Guests with Disabilities |English| |Spanish|

Tip 12: Requests for Reasonable Accommodation upon Three-Day Notice to Cure |English| |Spanish|

Tip 13: Request for Reasonable Accommodations when Eviction is Threatened |English| |Spanish|

Tip 14: Reasonable Accommodation when a Tenant Seeks Early Lease Termination |English| |Spanish|

Previous Campaigns

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For more information on these topics, please contact our office.



Fair Housing for People with Disabilities (2007)
A fair housing guidance manual for emergency shelter and transitional housing providers.

Fair Housing in Your Neighborhood (2004)
A guide to understanding how fair housing laws protect people with disabilities in California (available in six languages).

English | Chinese | Korean | Russian | Spanish | Vietnamese

Reasonable Accommodation Guide for Housing Developers and Providers (2005)
A guide to assist developers and providers of housing for people with disabilities in California.